TAG Appeals

Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) – Appeals

St. Peter’s has followed the guidance laid out by JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) and Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) to ensure that students were assigned fair and objective grades in Summer 2021. However, if you believe an error has been made in determining your grade, you have the right to appeal. It’s important to remember that your grade can go down, up or stay the same at the end of each stage of the appeals process.


There are two stages to the appeals process:


Stage 1: Centre Review (appeals can be made to the centre by email from Thursday, August 12th until Friday 3rd September)

If you don’t think you have been issued with the correct grade, you can appeal to the school and we will review whether we have:

• Made an administrative error, e.g. they submitted an incorrect grade; they used an incorrect assessment mark when determining your grade.

• Did not apply a procedure correctly, e.g. they did not follow their Centre Policy, did not undertake internal quality assurance, did not take account of access arrangements or mitigating circumstances.


Please find our TAGs policy and the assessment materials used by each subject in determining a student’s grade.

TAGs Policy

Student Assessment Rubric

Centre Review of Stage 1 Appeals – Will take place from Monday 6th September until Wednesday 8th September. The outcome of the Centre Review will be emailed to you by Thursday 9th September. A Stage 1 Review must be completed before a Stage 2 appeal.


To instigate a Stage 1 appeal, you must download and complete Part A of the Stage 1 - Centre Review document located below. Please click on the link below to download.

Stage 1 Appeals Form 

Once completed you need to return this document to examqueries@stpetershigh.com by Friday 3rd September. 



Stage 2: Appeal to the Awarding Organisation (appeals can be made to the centre by email from Friday 10th September until Wednesday 15th September)

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the Stage 1 Appeal, you may then request an appeal to the awarding organisation. You must again bear in mind that the grade may be lowered by the awarding organisation and this will then be your final grade. The centre will then submit the appeal to the awarding organisation if you consider that:

a. The centre did not follow its procedure properly or consistently in arriving at the result, or during the centre review

b. The awarding organisation made an administrative error in relation to the result1

c. The centre made an unreasonable exercise of academic judgement in the choice of evidence from which to determine the grade and/or the determination of that grade from the evidence.


To instigate a Stage 2 appeal, you must download and fully complete Part A of the Stage 2 – Appeal to the Awarding Organisation. Please click on the link below to download.

Stage 2 Appeals Form 


The centre will then complete section B and return to the examination board on your behalf.

The awarding organisations will aim to complete Stage 2 of the appeals process within 42 calendar days of the receipt of the application.

Wishing you all the best for the future

D Sharp

Deputy Headteacher