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 St Peter’s is working towards operating paperless communication with parents where ever possible. The only paper letters that should come home with children are letters with a reply slip. We work hard to make sure that this is a positive experience for you and assures a high quality communication experience between home and school.


There are essentially five sources of information for parents. These are Student Planner, text messages, emails, tweets and all key information is placed on our website at


  • Student Planner – two way communication between teachers and parent/carer


The information sent by text and email is different:


  • Text messages are reminders and alerts and can be sent to one number per family. They are limited to 160 characters

  • Emails usually contain more information and sometimes attachments (such as newsletters). Emails are only used where a text will not suffice


Info St Peter’s School: This email address will be used to send important information to you. Please check these emails and ensure they are in your safe list so that they are not sent to junk mail.


If you have already received a text message from school you need do nothing further to receive messages. If you have not received a message it means one of two things. Either we do not have your current / correct mobile number or it has not been entered incorrectly into the system.


We hope that you find these systems helpful and that communication is high quality and meets your needs.


It is important that you make sure that your email and mobile phone information is kept up-to-date, so that we can ensure that you get the information you need.


If you do not have access to mobile phone or internet, please inform the office, so that we can ensure you continue to get letters home.


If an email routinely bounces back the address is removed from the system. If you feel that your email may have been removed in error, please email school at to ask for it to be added. Alternatively, please complete the communication form via the link below.

All data collected will be treated as confidential.

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