Student Planner

All students are expected to have their planner with them at all times. On entering their lesson, they should take their planner out and place it on the desk and record the title of the lesson and any supplementary information that the teacher may ask them to record.

Students may also find it useful if they record any homework or deadlines into the planner. At the end of the week, students are expected to have their planner signed by a parent/carer. Any concerns that a parent/carer may have can be written down in the notes section.

Form tutors will check planners at the start of each week and sign them. If it is clear that a student is not carrying or using their planner, they may receive a school sanction such as a detention.


How to use the planner:

Example Day

Each day the planner should be used to record the subject, topic covered and homework received. Once any homework is completed the ‘Done’ circle should be ticked.


Example Weekend text

For students to achieve the best possible outcomes they should also use part of their weekend for study and revision. The weekend section can be used to plan homework and revision sessions.


Example Notes text


This section can be used to share information with the school and for the school to pass timely information home. Please ensure that this section is signed once per week.