Yr10 Easter School

Easter School Header

The school plans to run Easter School remotely for students in Year 10. The lessons will take place each day over the holidays except for Good Friday and the weekend. The lessons will last between 90 and 120 minutes and will include a mixture of live and pre-recorded content.


The timetable below outlines which lessons take place on which day. 

Year 10 Easter School Timetable


The school website will be kept up to date throughout the holidays and provide additional information and guidance.

Thank you for your support and wishing you a happy Easter.


Please see the following link to read the full letter from Mr. Sharp.

Year 10 Easter School Letter to Parents


Should you require any digital assistance during the Easter break our email help line is always available at: remotelearning@stpetershigh.com


Please also view our Remote Learning page or our short video guides below to answer any questions you may have regarding Microsoft Office 365 and Teams.


video.png1. Pupil Guide to Office 365 - Please follow this link for a video guide to everything you need to know about pupil access to Office 365.


video.png2. Microsoft Teams - How to complete an assignment - A short video guide explain how to submit work via Teams on Office 365.