Flying High at Manchester Airport

The Year 9 Travel and Tourism class were really excited to visit Manchester Airport. The students are investigating the airport as a business as part of their course work and were lucky enough to take part in a check-in and security role play activity with a talk from the Airport Security Manager. They were really interested to hear a talk from a customer service
officer who explained the role of customer services within the airport and met with Adam Jupp who is Corporate Affairs Director.
The highlight of the day had to be a tour of the old Air Traffic Control Tower with a view of the airfield and a fun educational quiz from the Airfield Duty Manager. Dominic and Jim were the quiz winners and so happy to receive the prize of a personalised morning with Airfield Operations on the runway! A great day was had by all and the students were quick
to send thank you letters showing their appreciation to airport staff.
Yang Jing wrote, “this is the best trip of my life, thank you”, Josh wrote “ I feel thankful and privileged to experience the wonders of the airport”, Camilla wrote “thank you very much for the wonderful and inspirational visit, it personally helped me a lot with my coursework”