Ethnic Minority Achievement

Ethnic Minority Achievement

Faculty of Inclusion


Mrs J Leavey

Ms E Gebremeskel


The EMA Department plays an important role in the success of pupils at St Peter's. The school is truly multi-cultural. More than 75% of the pupils have cultural roots in more than 60 different countries (African countries; Asia, including China; as well as Eastern Europe) and speak more than 60 different languages.

At present the EMA team is composed of a 0.4 EMA teacher and 1 full-time learning support assistant. The team is enthusiastic, friendly and supportive. Staff on the team speak French, Amharic and Tigrigna and provide translation and interpreting support as needed.


Our aims are:

  • To provide a 'haven', where new arrivals and vulnerable pupils feel welcomed and safe
  • To support the learning of pupils in the classroom, in small groups and individually
  • Develop skills in oral and written English
  • Mentor and advise pupils on academic and pastoral issues
  • To promote equality of opportunity


KS3 & KS4 Curriculum 2020 - 2021


We support pupils across both key stages. Most of the teaching and learning support is in-class, but we also work with small-groups and with pupils individually. We help pupils develop their skills in oral and written English, help pupils prepare for their oral assessments, mentor pupils and advise them in choosing their options. We also support them in their work experience and college applications and liaise with Heads of Year and with parents. EMA pupils also benefit from Circle Time.

The EMA team conducts an annual Data collection in order to assess the learning needs of all EMA pupils in terms of English language acquisition and pastoral issues. This helps us identify the students who need support so we can determine how that support can best be managed. We continually review this process as needs change and as new pupils arrive during the year.

Students who speak English as an Additional Language and those who join the school at other than normal times make rapid progress and achievement because of the excellence of the care guidance and support that they receive. This shows the school's strong and highly effective promotion of equality of opportunity and tackling of discrimination - OFSTED 2013