ASC/DLD Resourced Provision

ASC/DCD Resourced Provision 

Faculty of Inclusion


Ms S Phillips - Lead Teacher

Mrs R Mottershead - Speech and Language Therapist

F Garvey - SENCO



Welcome to St. Peter’s RC High schools Resourced Provision. Our resourced Provision is a 12 space unit for students who have a diagnosis of Autism and/ or a Developmental Language Disorder. Our aim is to ensure the students reach their full potential within a mainstream school and have the same opportunities as everyone else that attends St Peters.


What is a Resourced Provision?

The Resourced provision is a specialist unit within the mainstream of the school, to support students who have a diagnosis of Autism (ASC) and/or Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). A Resourced Provision provides additional specialist facilities for a small number of pupils

Resourced Provisions cater for pupils with EHCPs who need a mainstream curriculum, but have difficulties accessing mainstream lessons for reasons related to their Autism (such as sensory needs, restrictive or repetitive behaviours, social interaction and communication or their degree of developmental language disorder). They will require a specialist environment within a mainstream school to support their access to the curriculum and activities offered by the school.

Resourced Provisions are places reserved at a mainstream school for pupils whose primary need is ASC/DLD and who require adaptations to the environment in order to access the curriculum. Pupils learn within mainstream classes, but require a base offering more specialist support and facilities around the school.

Each student will have a bespoke programme to suit their needs. The aim for the students within the resource base is to access mainstream lessons as much as possible.

The Resourced provision is open throughout the day including break and lunch time and students can access the provision when they need it. The Lead Teacher of the resourced provision will always be available for the Students to access if they are having difficulty within lessons.


Autism Friendly school

As part of our offer as an Autism friendly school we also offer support to the mainstream students in school who have a diagnosis of Autism who may be struggling for a variety of reasons. This support will enable the students to specialist additional support such as Social skills interventions, Time out cards, Sensory circuits, regulation strategies, quiet area etc. All of these are subject to revision and are an agreement with the Resourced Provision Lead and the SENCO. This is based on an individual basis.


What is Autism?

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that means people may have difficulties with communication, social interaction and emotional regulation. They may engage in repetitive behaviours, routines and activities. These difficulties can make daily life challenging

Autism is a spectrum condition and can affect people differently. Like all people, students with Autism have their own strengths and weaknesses. People with autism see, hear and experience the world differently. Some examples that can be strengths are attention to detail, creativity, special interest (expertise), novel approaches, and ability to absorb and retain facts. An important fact to remember is that people with Autism are unique like everyone else and can go on to have a very successful career and life with the correct support in place.


What is DLD?

Developmental Language Disorder mans that you have significant, on-going difficulties understanding and/or using spoken language. DLD is linked to risk of Dyslexia and other associated learning difficulties. The extent of someone’s DLD can vary and if your child does have DLD they will need input from a Speech and Language therapist.


ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition)

Individuals with ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) can find it difficult to communicate and interact with other people. Some individuals with ASC can experience difficulties understanding sarcasm or ambiguous, indirect language. This can make it difficult to make sense of what people are saying or misinterpret some social situations. Understanding and using nonverbal communication can also be challenging for some individuals with ASC. For example understanding facial expressions and knowing when it is ok to interrupt or join a discussion.

Many of these difficulties can present challenges for pupils with ASC in the classroom. Pupils in the RP will be able to access regular Speech and language therapy intervention to help them feel confident to communicate effectively. This support involves assessment of a pupil’s communication profile, liaising with teaching staff and observation in lessons. Pupils might access either 1:1 therapy, group intervention or both depending on needs. The speech and language therapist may deliver intervention to target active listening skills, vocabulary enrichment, expressive language, narrative skills, higher level language skills (inference, deduction, problem solving) and perspective taking. The speech and language therapist will also work closely with the Lead RP teacher in supporting bespoke packages for care individual pupils in the RP.


How do we get a place at St peters Resourced Provision?

Admissions in the resourced provision are decided by Manchester Local Authority in consultation with St Peter’s. All students must have an Educational Health Care Plan and a diagnosis of ASC and/or DLD. If you feel a place at St Peter’s Resourced Provision is the right place for your child it is important that you speak to the Senco at your child’s primary school and during their annual review ensure that this is discussed as part of the Annual review process. It is also strongly encouraged that you and your child Visit St Peter’s during this process.

During the application process please ensure that you specify a preference of St Peters Resourced Provision rather than St Peters RC High School. Please remember St Peter’s does not pick the students, this decision is up to the Local Authority. The school finds out if your child has a place the same time the parents do if not afterwards.


Interventions available within the resourced Provision

· All students get a bespoke timetable and this can change throughout the year.

· Speech and language therapy

· Horticulture

· Life skills

· Emotional regulation

· Social skills

· Homework sessions

· Additional PSHE and keeping safe lessons

· Social stories.


Additional support and advice:

Manchester Local Offer

Local offer Drop in

National Autistic Society

Greater Manchester Autism Consortium