Creative iMedia

Creative iMedia

Faculty of Computing and Business


Mr J Brehony - Head of Faculty





Digital media is a key part of many areas of our everyday lives and is vital to jobs and the local, national and global economy.

Production of digital media products is a requirement of almost every business so there is huge demand for a skilled and digitally literate workforce.



Our aim is to provide an engaging and stimulating insight into Creative iMedia industries, enabling students to:

Become confident and creative thinkers.

Help you develop specific and transferable skills such as research, planning, working with others and creating digital products.



Creative iMedia provides pupils with all the necessary skills to access A Level courses in Media, ICT and Design and Graphics. It also prepares pupils for entrepreneurial, freelance opportunities in the world of work.

Curriculum Intent

Pupils receive 5 lessons per fortnight. Pupils follow the Cambridge National Creative iMedia Certificate Qualification.


KS4 Curriculum 2021-2022


Year 10

The course consists of 4 Units which aim to develop and build upon pupils’ skills.

In Year 10 pupils focus on Unit R082 and Unit R087. The work completed in these Units provides skills and also research and revision towards the examined Unit R081 taken in January and June of Y11.

These units involve planning, creating and evaluating a digital resource that has been created to meet a client brief.


In Year 11, pupils complete Unit R085– learning how to develop and create a set of linked webpages. This further reinforces pre-production knowledge for the exam and gives students the skills to create a dynamic and interactive website.



Assessment takes place throughout the course: Each unit is internally assessed and then moderated by the exam board. The written examination is externally assessed by the exam board.


Unit Title % Qualification


Pre-production skills 25%
R082 Creating digital graphics  25%
R085 Creating a multipage website  25%
R087 Creating interactive multimedia products  25%



Curriculum Map

Year 10 Creative iMedia Curriculum Map 2021-2022