Partner Primary Schools

Making the transition to St Peter’s High easy for primary pupils:

New pupils starting year seven can sometimes find the transition to secondary school a traumatic experience. St Peter’s RC High works closely with nine local primary schools to ensure new pupils are mentally and emotionally prepared for the move up to year seven.

Partner Primary Schools

Mrs Illidge, Primary Partnership Manager, says:

We are all one community. By working with primary pupils throughout years five and six, the aim is that they already feel part of the St Peter’s community when they start year seven.

Our Partner Primary Manager, Mrs Julie Illidge works closely with all these schools visiting them regularly ensuring relationships between staff and pupils are strong and consistent. Primary pupils visit our school each term. This enables them to become familiarised with our buildings and modern facilities which are available to secondary pupils. These visits are also a great opportunity to meet our outstanding staff and welcoming pupils, which in turn aids a smooth transition into year 7.

Primary pupils visit St Peter’s throughout the year:

Throughout years 5 and 6, primary pupils come to St Peter’s to get a feel for what secondary school life is like. Different schools attend these sessions together, allowing the primary pupils to meet and interact with peers from other schools.

This year’s linking events at St Peter’s included:

  • Creative workshop in fashion design
  • 'Mad Science' morning, Invention and discovery workshop.
  • Collaborative English workshops with years 7 and 8
  • Mathematical problem solving workshops
  • Co-operative and fair-trade visit
  • Fun sports day, Pupils spend a day at our award winning sports department, helping them to make friends and get to know each other better.
  • New intake evening, July 4th – an induction for all Yr 6 starting at St Peter’s next year. Includes an overview of the school and measuring for their free uniform.
  • Year 5 primary links day, June 28th – All the year five pupils from nine primary schools visit St Peter’s to experience a typical secondary school timetable for a day, including four lessons and lunch.
  • Year 6 transition days, getting to know the staff and facilities at St Peter's, introduction to form tutors and making friends in preperation for September
  • Summer school for year 5 and 6 children, this exciting free venture will give children to make new friend and participate in many exciting activities such as Mad Science, Technology, go karting, climbing wall and even a visit from Knowsley Safari Park

The Peer Education Project.

A special group of St Peter’s pupils known as peer educators will run global education workshops in their old primary schools. This work both improves the confidence of the secondary pupils and allows the primary school pupils to get to know older children in their new school.