Year 11

You will shortly be taking your PPEs (Pre-public exams) and it will be a chance to experience how the exams in summer will be organised and have a try at papers similar to ones you will take then. The Government has said that exams will take place in summer in the usual way. We will be following all the regulations and requirements for external exams so that you will soon be familiar with them. To help you further, a copy of the JCQ Information for Candidates, Written Examinations, is enclosed. There are other information documents at: 

If there is anything you find unclear, please check with me.

Copies of the Warning to Candidates and Unauthorised Materials notice have been attached for you to read. Make sure you understand these clearly. A Seating Plan follows this. Please note where you sit. Remember the letter of your row and the number of your seat. You will sit in this seat for all your PPEs. It is likely, too, that this is the same seat you will have in the summer exams. The PPE timetable follows the Seating Plan.

After your PPEs, I will start the process of completing your entries for the summer exams. This will be completed by mid-January and submitted to the Exam Boards in early February. You will receive a copy of the entries that have been made for you and your own personalised timetable. A final booklet detailing all arrangements for the exams will be given to you later in the year.

Please don’t hesitate to see me if you have any questions.

Try your best and good luck.


M Eavers

Examinations Officer


Please see this page for a copy of your Y11 PPE timetable.

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PPE Revision Resources

Resource list for Y11 PPE's 

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