•  Our school chapel
  •  Our school chapel
  •  Outstanding GCSE Results
  •  Our school chapel
  •  Our school chapel
  •  Our school chapel
  •  Performance of The Boyfriend in the school theatre
  •  Our school chapel
  •  Playstation cup winners
  •  Father John Wisdom in the school chapel
  •  Ghyll Head Trip
  •  Caving at Ghyll Head
  •  Year 10 pupils playing fishwives in The French Revolution - Marie Antoinette performance at The Library Theatre in Manchester
  •  Pupil in school uniform at RAF Cosford
  •  Great news on results day 2008
  •  Hill 62 museum
  •  Year 11 pupils playing Barber and Marie Antoinette in The French Revolution - Marie Antoinette at The Library Theatre in Manchester
  •  Abseiling at Ghyll Head
  •  Private Callum dressed as a Soldier on the Somme
  •  Pupil with a mentor from Manchester University in the school library
  •  BTEC work in progress
  •  Night of 104 stars at St Peter's Theatre
  •  Tree climbing at Ghyll Head
  •  Performance of The Boyfriend in the school theatre
  •  Pupils enjoying an outdoor activity day trip
  •  St Peter's sports trophies
  •  Outside the Chateau
  •  Year 9 and 10 pupils playing Common's dwellers in our performance of Weavers Story at The Library Theatre in Manchester
  •  Gifted and talented pupils on a trip to Oxford University
  •  GCSE Ceramics
  •  Experiments in the science department
  •  Year 10 pupil playing Colonel Despard in performance of Weavers Story at The Library Theatre, Manchester
  •  Lunch being served at Cafe FUSION

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11 Feb 15:05
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Staff Training Day
12 Feb
Feb 22
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22 Feb


 St Peter's RC High School, Manchester
 St Peter's is a Specialist College for Business and Enterprise


Stpetersbook.com is the name given to our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which is powered by Frog.


Every department in the school is in the process of developing their own website on stpetersbook to provide important information and resources for our pupils. Pupils can access stpetersbook from any computer in school or out of school by logging in with their usual network login. They can access their timetables, school notices, homework, documents and can spend their reward points at the online shop. Click here to log on to stpetersbook.



We have recently launched the Parent Portal of stpetersbook. This is a section specifically designed for parents/carers. Click here to register.

It is designed to engage parents/carers in their child’s/children’s education. Although it is still under development parents/carers can access many aspects of their child’s school life. Year 7 parents/carers have had the opportunity to register and are now taking advantage of what it has to offer. Parents/carers of children in other year groups can also now register. Please take a few moments to watch this slideshow to find out what is presently available to parents/carers.

Frequently asked Questions:

Will I be able to see my child’s timetable?

  • Yes, your child’s timetable is available so you can see all the lessons he or she has on a particular day.

Will I be able to track my child’s attendance?

  • Yes, you will be able to see a record of attendance which includes an attendance history.

Will I be able to contact school if I need to?

  • Yes, you will be able to send an email from stpetersbook.

Will I be able to see upcoming school events?

  • Yes, there is a section for school notices.

What about behaviour – will I be able to see if my child is concentrating on his/her work?

  • Yes, you will be able to see the behaviour points. These show points for achievement and behaviour.

I have more than one child at the school. Do I need to log in for each child?

  • No. You will have one log in only. Once you are in stpetersbook you will find that you can choose which child’s details you want to see by selecting from a drop down menu.

Do I need access to the Internet to be able to log in to stpetersbook?

  • Yes you will need Internet access.

I don’t have Internet access – can I log in at a friend’s house or in the library?

  • You can log in anywhere where there is Internet access, but remember you must log out when you have finished as you do not want others to see information that relates to your child.

Sometimes my child tells me that he/she has no homework. Can I check to see if homework has been given?

  • Yes, you can check if it has been given and completed.

How will I know if my child is making progress?

  • You will be able to see the targets that have been set for your child and if these targets are being met. At the moment we are still working on this section but it will be fully up and running soon.

Where do I get my login and password?

  • The first step is to register. You can do this by clicking on the Registration button below. Once the registration has been processed we will send your unique login details.

Can I share my login details with my husband/partner/friends?

  • No. Login details must not be shared. This is part of the terms and conditions for the use of stpetersbook. Each parent/carer can register and will receive his/her own unique login details when the registration has been processed.

What happens if I can’t log in or I forget my login details?

  • All you need to do is email the school office and we will make every effort to sort out the problem for you as soon as we can.
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