Year 8 reporters take over Newsround

By: Camilla Semi

On Thursday 15th March the year 8 BBC reporters took over the famous Newsround studio to give their input on the news.

We were able to interview the Newsround presenter Ayshah while sharing ideas and developing our reporting skills. The inspiring reporter then told us fascinating things about working for BBC Newsround and on top of her list were all the different places she has been able to visit and all the action that goes on in the Newsround office.

As well as sharing her top tips for becoming a reporter and how to develop essential reporting skills, Ayshah also revealed her most embarrassing TV moment!

y8 reporters take over newsround

She was able to tell us her most awkward moment was when she “tripped off set” and “said the wrong date” live on TV. “Oh it was so embarrassing,” she said. She enthusiastically told us about her favourite pizza place in Chorlton, South Manchester, and all the places she has visited like USA, Spain, Greece and South Africa (which was her favourite!)

In a rare interview, Ayshah helped us understand more about presenting and journalism and answered all the questions we were desperate to ask. Having fun and enjoying your job are two of the essential components for being a journalist, as well as being ready for the unexpected. “You might have to suddenly pack your bags and head to another country at any moment, so you’ve got to be ready,” explained Ayshah.

We also had the unique opportunity to visit the Newsround studio and go behind the scenes of one of the live shows on CBBC.

We were also able to participate in lots of different activities involving journalism like learning how spot the difference between fake and real news. We also talked about the different jobs they have in BBC and what they do like presenters, cameramen and producers. 

“It was a thrilling adventure with many interesting and interesting parts that really made me want to consider journalism as a job” said budding year 8 reporter Tomisin.