Keeping Your Child Safe


Safeguarding Team

DSL: Ms S Dempsey Deputy Head  

Safeguarding   Consultant: Mrs  N Menezes

Nominated   Governor: Mrs B Porter


Heads of Year

Year 7: Mr A Jobey

Year 8: Mrs K Fowler

Year 9: Mr S Gardiner

Year 10: Ms L  Arden

Year 11: Mr I Stenson 

SENCO/Looked After Children: F Garvey

Attendance and Behaviour Manager:  Mr G May


Here at St Peter’s, we are committed to keeping your child safe both in the time they spend with us and in their future lives. We strive to ensure that young people are alert to potential dangers in the world around them and are able to make informed and sensible choices. As well as weekly assemblies, dedicated Form Period sessions and a strong Access curriculum, we engage with experts on a variety of issues to make sure all our staff can support young people in having a healthy lifestyle and fulfilling their potential.

Here are some resources that might support you in your crucial role as a parent or carer. If you feel other advice would be useful, please contact your child’s head of year for more information. 


NHS - A Mental Health Resource for Young People

Keeping your child safe online

Self Harming

Child Sexual Exploitation

Forced Marriage

Female Genital Mutilation

Please click here for our Anti-Bullying Policy and other relevant policy documents 


We have also included a short summary of agencies that could help support you and your child:


School Nurse

St peter's has a nurse attached to the school on Mondays, if you have any health concerns your child's head of year may discuss referrals to the nurse with you.