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January 2021 - Update

This page will be updated regularly.
Please review the information below to help guide your home learning and for return to school updates.


Parent Letters / Important Communications

Please see this link for an archive of all recent communications we have sent home to you. If you have been unable to open any communication via your mobile device, all letters sent out via text message will be uploaded to this location.



Video Guides

For adivce and guidance on Home Learning please follow the links below or visit our YouTube channel for more.


video.png2. Home Learning Video Guide - Accessing Feedback and Monitoring Work on the VLE

video.png 1. Home Learning Video Guide - Accessing Remote Learning Lessons on the VLE



FAQ - Home Learning Guide

All students should be familiar with remote learning and we are continuing to use stpetersbook as our remote learning platform and pupils should log on everyday of their isolation to access their assignments.

Teachers will set work everyday for each class and pupils should follow their usual daily timetable. Work will usually be voice over PowerPoint to guide pupils through the stages of their learning but may also contain links to other platforms such as GCSEPOD.

It is crucial that your child completes the work. They also need to follow the guidance, upload work and click to say they have handed the work in so that teachers can provide feedback.


Please follow this link for a user guide for information regarding how pupils can access and upload work onto the VLE.


Microsoft Office and LibreOffice

If you do not have access to Microsoft Office, a free alternative is Libre Office.

LibreOffice offers a package allowing you to access work set via the VLE such as word processing files and PowerPoint files.

To download LibreOffice please follow this link: Download

For more information, please see the LibreOffice website.


Forgot your Password?

If your child has any issues in accessing their work please click the following link which will allow you to contact a member of our support team so that you can explain any issues you may be experiencing. We will contact you as soon as possible.

VLE Support Contact Form


Useful Links

COVID 19 Guidance - The information on this page is intended to help answer any questions you may have and offer guidance in regards to COVID-19.


MyEd App - MyEd is the free parent app that gives you a multitude of communication and information features to stay in touch with what is going on at school.


St Peter's Book / VLE - is the name given to our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which is powered by Frog.