Homelearning FAQ

All students should be familiar with remote learning and we are continuing to use stpetersbook as our remote learning platform and pupils should log on everyday of their isolation to access their assignments.

Teachers will set work everyday for each class and pupils should follow their usual daily timetable. Work will usually be voice over PowerPoint to guide pupils through the stages of their learning but may also contain links to other platforms such as GCSEPOD.


It is crucial that your child completes the work. They also need to follow the guidance, upload work and click to say they have handed the work in so that teachers can provide feedback.

Please follow this link for a user guide for information regarding how pupils can access and upload work onto the VLE.


If your child has any issues in accessing the work via stpetersbook please click the following link which will allow you to contact a member of our IT support team so that you can explain any issues you may be experiencing. We will contact you as soon as possible.


VLE Support Contact Form