Performing Arts and Drama

Performing Arts and Drama

Faculty of PE & Performing Arts


Mrs C Callaghan - Subject Leader

Mrs K Soulsby


The Performing Arts department seek to inspire confidence and leadership skills in all pupils and staff whilst relishing new challenges and experiences both within and outside the classroom. We aim to create a safe environment where people can explore their own personalities and experiment with their ideas without fear of failure or ridicule, resulting in successful confident pupils and members of the department.


Our aim is that all pupils will be able to:

  • Access an exciting, dynamic, achievable curriculum.
  • Access support and guidance when needed.
  • Learn from mistakes.
  • Give praise and acknowledge successes as well as offer constructive criticism.


KS3 Curriculum 2017-2018

Year 7

In the first term, year 7 pupils study basic Drama skills including tableaux, freeze frames, thought tracking, hot-seating and formal and informal speaking. They use this knowledge in the second term to direct published plays such as The Pied Piper of Hamlin. In the final term, pupils get the chance to devise their own plays based on different genres of theatre

Year 8

In Y8 pupils develop their knowledge and skills and begin to take on larger roles. They initially work on modernising Shakespeare plays in term one and then they work on plays such as Teechers by John Godber and Our Day Out by Willy Russell. Finally, in term three, pupils devise their own plays using extracts from published scripts and learn to add technical elements to their work.


KS4 Curriculum 2017-2018

Year 9

In Year 9 pupils can opt to study Edexcel BTEC Level1/Level2 First Award in Performing Arts. They experience work in Dance and Acting in order to make an informed decision on which pathway to choose.

Year 10 and Year 11

In Years 10 and 11 pupils choose to follow either the Acting or the Dance pathway.

For both pathways there are two Mandatory Units:

  • Unit 1 - Individual Showcase

This unit will be externally assessed. Pupils must respond to advertisements for performing arts employment or educational opportunities through writing a letter of application in which they discuss their suitability for the role. They will then have approximately 30 guided learning hours to create two short audition pieces to be performed and recorded for an external examiner.

  • Unit 2 - Preparation, Performance and Production

Pupils take part in the preparations for a live performance and then demonstrate performance skills and techniques through presenting a character within a production

The third and final unit is specific to the pathway chosen and provides an opportunity for pupils to showcase their knowledge and understanding gained throughout the course.

Those on the ACTING pathway will complete the following unit:

  • Unit 3 - Acting Skills

In this unit, pupils will explore and develop their acting skills within rehearsal and performance and review their own practice.

Those on the DANCE pathway will complete the following unit:

  • Unit 4 - Dance Skills

In this unit, pupils will explore and develop their dance skills within rehearsal and performance and review their own practice.


Unit 1(Individual Showcase) is assessed externally through a computer typed controlled assessment and an individual practical examination, the combination of which, makes up 25% of the overall course grade.

Unit 2 (Preparation, Performance and Production) and Unit 3  (Acting Skills) are both internally assessed and externally verified and are both an equal combination of written and practical rehearsal and performance work. Unit 2 is worth 25% of the overall course grade  and Unit 3 is worth 50% of the overall course grade.