Canteen menu

Prices are correct at time of publishing but may vary without notice.


Breakfast Menu Price
Toast 30p
Toasted Tea Cake 40p
Bacon on Barm 80p
Sausage on Barm 90p
Croissant 40p
Pancake 50p
Crumpet 30p
Hash Brown 50p
Toasted Cheese Bagel 50p
Mini Danish 30p
Pitta Pizza 55p
Mini Cheese Omelette 50p


Soups Price
Soup 30p
Soup and a roll 55p


Sandwiches/Paninis Price
Hot Panini £1.40
Premier Sandwich £1.30


Burgers Price
1/4lb Burger £1.40
Fish Burger £1.40
Chicken Burger £1.40
Spicy Chicken Burger £1.40


Meals/Snacks Price
Pizza Slice £1.00
Chicken Strips £1.40
Salad 55p
Mini Pasta Box 55p
Chicken Wings £1.40
Chicken Fillet £1.40
Pasta King Meal £1.40
Pasta King Meal Deal £2.00


Sides/Sundries Price
Chunky Chips 90p
Potato Wedges 70p
Jacket Potato 75p
Cheese & Crackers 55p
Rice/Pasta Portion 55p
Jacket Potato with 2 fillings £1.15
Sauce Sachets 15p


Drinks Price
Radnor Fizz 65p
Canned Drink 70p
Capri Sun 50p
Fruit Pots 60p
Flavoured Yoghurt 25p
Milkshake 60p
Mineral Water 55p
Pure Juice 40p
Pure Juice Small 25p
Smoothie/Shake 60p