Y9 Cells Project

In January a group of Year 9 pupils at St Peter’s took part in a day of workshops with the main attraction being a “mock” prison cell.  The day was funded by ‘the proceeds of crime’. The pupils took part in four different workshops including ‘exploitative relationships’, ‘drugs and alcohol misuse’, ‘guns, gangs and knife crime’ and finally ‘prison and prison life’. The pupils learnt a lot during the day about making the right choices in life and keeping themselves safe. They were able to meet people who had made poor decisions in life but had now turned their lives around and who now want to help the young people in our school community. It was a very successful day with one pupil saying:

“They taught me how important it is not to waste your life and I thought they were a very good team of people giving useful advice”. 

Another pupil said:

“I thought prison was nice, but now I know it is horrible!”