Pride of St Peter's

Recently a member of St Peter’s staff, Sr Edith Le Riche was awarded ‘The Pride of Gorton Award’. The award recognised the unrelenting work Sr Edith does in our
local community from helping with social housing, providing clothing and food parcels to the needy or just a ‘listening ear’. Congratulations on an award well

We also want to mention one of our past students who came into St Peter’s with a thank you message for all the Staff. Mariejacky has overcome great adversity
and heartache and yet has managed to attain fantastic academic achievement, she has just been offered a place at Cambridge University.

Mariajacky called St Peter’s her ‘new family’ and acknowledged she was where she is today because of the continued support and encouragement of all the staff at St Peter’s. Well done Mariajacky it’s made all the hard work so worthwhile!