Maths in Action

During November, a group of mathematicians visited the University of Salford to listen to and be inspired by guest speakers for the Maths in Action Programme. This gave students an insight into the career pathways mathematics can lead to.

The use of statistics in sport to get the competitive edge was covered to show how maths is used by coaching staff and teams to win competitions. Using Bayes Law for predicting outcomes and using game analysis and statistics showed how real-time analysis helps teams get the upper hand in match play. Students thought that exploring how fractals are evident in the natural world and that their structures are transferred across into the gaming world to create graphics was fascinating.

 It was inspiring listening to Sophie Harker of BAE Systems who showed us how maths is used in the world of aerospace engineering and how the transport of the future has already been designed, built and tested using concept engineering. Anisha from Year 10 summed up the effect that the trip had on her with the statement, “Exploring the limitless possibilities of mathematics in action, helped me to realise how vast and unexplored maths is. This fills me with curiosity and wonder and has inspired me to further explore the possibilities for the world that maths provides.”