Learner Support Packs

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 Monday 8th February Update:

For any parent that was unable to collect a learner support pack last week, there is an opportunity on Wednesday and Thursday this week to collect the packs between 9am and 2pm.



Learner support packs will be available for collection from school to aid your home learning from Monday 1st February.


Packs include at least :- exercise books, pens - black and purple and maths geometry set


To ensure we are able to distribute safely we ask you to arrive at the main entrance to school between 9am and 3pm on the allocated day, you will be asked to follow rules of social distancing.


In order to pick up a learner support pack for your child(ren), you will be asked to sign in order to confirm that you have received your pack.


Allocated Days

Monday - 1st February

Year 11

Tuesday - 2nd February

Year 10

Wednesday -3rd February

Year 9

Thursday - 4th February

Year 8

Friday - 5th February

Year 7