Getting to know Portugal!

Portugal is very popular with tourists because of its nice weather and educational values.  This is what one student who is currently at university taught a group of children in our school (including me).  From culture to music you can go on an incredible journey!  Portugal is a very beautiful country with many beaches, unique and colourful houses, amazing weather and a fair share of delicious foods.

In our first few lessons, we were taught about the history and language of Portugal which we found immense fun.  We then learnt about the food they produce and more about their culture and the type of popular music they enjoy.  This is known as Fado a genre which dates back to 1820.  Amalia Rodrigues known as the Queen of Fado is one of the most recognisable people known to Portugal.  Portuguese people also like to listen to English rap and electro, these genres are more popular to the younger generation who enjoy parties and festivals.

These lessons were ran on a voluntary basis during our lunch break. I am incredibly grateful for the experience.

Ramona - 7G