Applying for Free School Meals’ support.

Update 02/04/20 -

If your circumstances have changed, you may now be eligible for free schools meals but you would have to apply through the normal system. If this is successful you would be able to apply for Free School Meals support vouchers.


Click here to see more information on free school meal entitlement.

If you are really struggling you can apply for a cash grant here:  Apply for a cash grant if you are in financial crisis 



From 25/03/20, the Council has set up a scheme to help with food costs for families who are facing additional financial challenges due to Covid 19.

To qualify your family must be Manchester residents or supported by the Homelessness Service. The criteria is:


  • Children and young people who meet the criteria for free school meals
  • Children and young people who are classed as an asylum seeker; and 
  • Children and young people whose family has been hardest hit by the recent issues and may be waiting for benefits to be assessed or have a gap in their income due to being laid off etc.


 The contribution towards a lunchtime meal is £2 per day (£10 per week) for each child or young person in the household.


 The Council will be able to pay this money within a few days by the following methods:


  • A bank transfer into a nominated bank account
  • A secure text message that can be used to access cash from a range of Paypoint outlets in the city
  • A voucher that can be printed and can then be exchanged for cash from a range of Paypoint outlets in the city.


To make an application please submit a request via the Council’s Welfare Provision Scheme. This will be available from today, Wednesday 25th March.