Key Skills

Key Skills

Faculty of Inclusion


Ms F Garvey - Senco

There are effective arrangements to meet the needs of pupils who experience difficulties with literacy and numeracy skills. These include the well-attended basic courses for Year 7 in the library each morning - OFSTED


KS3 & KS4 Curriculum 2021-2022


Each morning a group of year 7 pupils undertake key skills to raise attainment (particularly in reading), improve motivation, behaviour and self-esteem. We work with the children in various ways but one of the main aspects of key skills is our use of the SuccessMaker software.

SuccessMaker delivers individualised learning in maths, reading, writing and spelling for key stage 3 pupils. Each student has a learning programme continuously tailored to personal needs; all students progress at their own level and pace and are free to achieve within the security of their own private yet continuously differentiated learning space.

Despite our focus on reading and core skills within literacy and numeracy, the benefits of this subject are cross-curricular and academic and social gains can be transferred across school, home and community life.

Students in Year 7 who have difficulty in learning the basic skills of mathematics, reading and writing are given additional lessons at the start of each day. They enjoy these sessions and the results show that they make good progress.