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Music can change the way pupils think, feel and act; it is a unique form of communication. Music not only involves their feelings but affects their intellect and enables personal expression, reflection and emotional development. Music gives pupils a positive experience that can build their self-esteem and teach them to work individually and in groups.

This page is for KS3 and KS4 classroom music. For information on extra-curricular music and peripatetic instrumental/vocal lessons, please see: Instrument tuition 



Our curriculum for music aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • Develop practical skills on an instrument/vocals and give the pupils the confidence to perform as a soloist or as part of an ensemble.
  • Encourage and stimulate and interest in music from a wide range of genres and cultures. 
  • Learn about the elements of music and common musical features required to compose music in a range of styles, including the use of music technology.



Students can progress from this course to:

  • Level 3 vocational qualifications in music and music technology
  • Self-employment, for example as a session musician or private instrumental teacher



KS3 Curriculum 2021-2022

Year 7, 8 and 9

In Year 7, 8 and 9 all pupils follow the KS3 National Curriculum for Music by studying the elements of music, performance, composition and listening in a variety of instrumental and vocal contexts. They receive three lessons of Music and Performing Arts per fortnight and are taught in mixed attainment groups. Pupils in KS3 will be assessed at the end of each topic on a half-termly basis, as well as formative assessment in class to ensure expected progress is being made. The introductory scheme in Year 7 is designed to give the pupils the skills to talk about the music that they are listening to and effectively appraise performances of others. In later topics, students will enhance their rhythmic ability before progressing to simple reading skills. In Year 8, pupils will develop the skills they have learnt through more challenging topics, with greater emphasis on the history and development of musical styles, from an array of musical cultures. Year 9 is an opportunity for students to familiarise themselves with a streamlined version of the KS4 BTEC course that we offer, with a combination of exploring music products and styles, self-evaluating their music skills development before responding to a commercial music brief at the end of the year.


Subject Content

Topics covered at KS3 include:

  • Year 7: An Introduction to Music, Rhythms of the World, Pitch & Keyboard Skills, Minimalism, Orchestral Instruments
  • Year 8: 4-Chords, Film Music, Reggae, Chinese Music, Blues
  • Year 9: Exploring ‘EDM’, Music Skills Development, Responding to a Brief


KS4 Curriculum 2021-2022

Year 10 and 11

All students follow the BTEC Tech Award in Music Practice syllabus. They are again taught in mixed attainment groups depending on who has chosen to opt into the subject for KS4. All students are taught by the Head of Subject. At the end of Year 10 all students will be entered for:


Subject Content

The BTEC Tech Award in Music Practice is split into three components that will be completed over two years:

  • Component 1: Exploring Music Products and Styles
    • Develop an appreciation of styles and genres of music.
    • Explore techniques used to create music products.


  • Component 2: Music Skills Development
    • Exploring professional and commercial music industry skills.
    • Applying and developing individual performance skills.


  • Component 3: Responding to a Commercial Brief
    • Performing stylistically accurate cover versions.
    • Creating original music using existing traits.


Examination Assessment

Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Music Practice

Component number

Component title

Guided Learning Hours

How assessed


Exploring Music Products and Styles




Music Skills Development




Responding to a Commercial Music Brief


External Synoptic


Curriculum Map

Year 7 - Music Curriculum Map 2021-2022

Year 8 - Music Curriculum Map 2021-2022

Year 9 - Music Curriculum Map 2021-2022

Year 10 - Music Curriculum Map 2021-2022

Year 11 - Music Curriculum Map 2021-2022