Resourced Provision

Resourced Provision 

Faculty of Inclusion



Mrs K Holden – Assistant Head with responsibility for managing Inclusion and Resourced Provision 

Ms S Phillips - Lead Teacher in Resourced Provision, Assistant SENCO

Ms J Mostyn – Lead Learning Support Assistant



Our vision is to provide all learners with high quality education at their own level regardless of their background, needs, previous experiences or current situation. We endeavour to provide a bespoke curriculum through interventions and in class support to break down all barriers to learning, thereby enabling all learners to have a truly exceptional educational experience. It is our aim to equip each child with the tools they need to develop social skills, independence, resilience, and to have the confidence to take ownership of their own learning at each stage of their education. We will enable our pupils to make progress beyond the classroom increasing their cultural capital and helping them to feel part of the wider society. This will ensure that they do not feel isolated and that they have the confidence to make a positive contribution to their community and the wider world.



The Resourced provision is a specialist unit within the mainstream of the school, to support 12 students who have a diagnosis of Autism (ASC) and/or Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) and an EHCP.


Resourced Provision caters for pupils with EHCPs who need a mainstream curriculum, but have difficulties accessing mainstream lessons for reasons related to their Autism (such as sensory needs, restrictive or repetitive behaviours, social interaction and communication or their degree of developmental language disorder). They require a specialist environment within a mainstream school to support their access to the curriculum and activities offered by the school.