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The Inclusion faculty consists of the following:

Mrs K Holden - Assistant Head with responsibility for managing Inclusion and Resourced Provision 

Mrs F Garvey - SENCO

Mrs M Woodward - Teacher

Mrs S Cooper, Mrs R Whelan - Learning Support Managers

Mrs S Gray, Ms M Costello, Miss Z Austin - Lead Learning Support Assistants

Ms R Mottershead - Speech and Language therapist

Ms R Mulvey - Counsellor

Ms A Stern and Ms R Johnson - Educational Psychologists

Mr D Simock -Sports mentor


Teaching Assistants

Mr M Stanley, Miss E Mazzer

Miss A McEeaney, Miss S Maddocks

Miss K Elkington, Mr P Warburton

Miss D Ajayi, Miss A Ali

Miss N Bell, Miss K Jones

Miss C Pheasey, Miss O Liburd

Mrs R Garvey



Our vision is a welcoming, inclusive and ambitious environment for all which inspires a love of learning and the opportunity to succeed. Our ambition is that all students can access the world around them through the essential skills of reading, writing, social communication skills and numeracy and that they leave us with healthy minds, a clear focus for the future and self- belief.


We aim to deliver a collaborative approach to working with pupils, parents, teachers, tutors, pastoral staff, support staff and outside agencies. We aim to empower teachers and TAs to deliver their curriculum effectively and with confidence, thereby enabling pupils with additional needs or those at below age-related expectations to make progress. The work of the Inclusion Faculty will support pupils through their learning journey by communicating to teaching staff the individual’s needs and best strategies for progress and success, through the identification of appropriate interventions and support in areas of need: literacy, numeracy, communication and interaction, cognition and learning, sensory and/or physical, SEMH or EAL. The Inclusion Faculty will enable our learners to be the best that they can be through quality first teaching and support.


Resourced Provision

The ASD/SLI resourced provision provides support within class and around the school.

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Advanced Bilingual Learners

The Advanced Bilingual Learners intervention plays an important role in the success of pupils at St Peter's. The school is truly multi-cultural. More than 75% of the pupils have cultural roots in more than 60 different countries (African countries; Asia, including China; as well as Eastern Europe) and speak more than 60 different languages.

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Whilst most people will be familiar with the notion of gardening being a pleasant and relaxing pastime, the concept of deliberately working with plants as an educational and transformational tool...

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