Faculty of Physical Education and Performing Arts


Mrs K Soulsby


Dance is a natural vehicle that young people use to help them understand themselves and the world in which they live. Movement and rhythm as a form of self-expression has been used to communicate throughout the ages even before verbal and written communication existed. It is no co-incidence therefore, that it should be part of our comprehensive curriculum.


In addition to developing skills and knowledge, pupils will also have the opportunity to:

  • Develop technical, compositional and performance skills
  • Develop their social skills, teamwork and communication skills through working together in groups and performing as part of a team
  • Explore different dance styles and cultures through our performances and choreographies
  • Develop their self esteem


KS3 Curriculum 2019-2020

Year 7

Pupils will discover the basics of both choreography and performance through both teacher lead and pupil performances. Pupils will also learn about dance from different cultures including the famous Hakka and look at dance styles from different periods in history including Rock and Roll as well as exploring dance on screen.

Year 8

Pupils will build on the knowledge and skills learned in Year 7 through looking at dances seen in musical productions such as Grease as well as working on developing their choreographic skills.