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Mr Vourliotis - Careers Development Officer


Our Careers' Advisor ensures that young people have access to the right advice at the right time in order to support them in making well informed realistic decisions. All Year 11 pupils are interviewed by our Careers' Advisor. Pupils in all year groups are able to make an appointment for any aspect of careers guidance or attend the lunch time drop-ins.


The programme at St Peter's helps young people to understand:


  • The links between living, learning and earning
  • What goes on in the working world and how it is changing
  • What can make a person's career go well or not
  • What they can do to improve their own chances of success
  • Their starting points and influences on them
  • How and where to get information and how to judge its value and trustworthiness
  • How to make decisions and deal with consequences


KS3 Curriculum 2019-2020

Years 7 - 8

All pupils follow a Careers Education Programme from Year 7 - 9 through ACCESS classes. It is a planned programme of curriculum activities and learning experiences. Pupils in Year 8 take part in a careers event prior to making GCSE choices. This is in partnership with local employers and universities. This helps our pupils to make well informed realistic choices


KS4 Curriculum 2019-2020

Year 10 - 11

Pupils continue to follow the Careers Education Programme in Years 9, 10 and 11 through ACCESS classes. It is a planned programme of curriculum activities and learning experiences. Most take place in class but some involve 'special events' i.e. careers talks, taster days, work experience. The purpose of careers education is to help young people develop the knowledge and skills they need to make successful choices, manage transitions in learning and move into work.

All year 9 students re-visit university to find out more about life as a university student and raise aspirations further”

Pupils in year 10 also have the opportunity to:

  • attend a Careers Fair prior to their work experience placement. This is with our partner Sixth Form Colleges Loreto and Xaverian, Fe colleges, Universities and local employers. This raises awareness of post-16 opportunities before coming back in Year 11 when all important decisions have to be made about their next steps
  • be interviewed by a real life employer in preparation for their work experience placement. They are given detailed feedback to develop their skills for future use
  • go on a work experience placement at the end of the academic year to prepare them for the last year of school and making decisions about what to do after St Peter's. The school is committed to ensuring that all Year 10 pupils take up this opportunity
  • take part in Taster Days at our partner Catholic Sixth Form colleges, Loreto and Xaverian.
    The day is designed to give pupils the opportunity to live like sixth form students for the day, sample new subjects on offer at college including Psychology, Theology and Ethics, Government and Politics and Law. Pupils are tasked with finding their way around the large campuses to classes.

In Year 11 all pupils are interviewed by our Careers' Advisor who ensures that they have access to the right advice at the right time to enable them to make well informed realistic decisions.

We have a programme of work with Manchester University and Manchester Metropolitan University, encouraging all our pupils to aim high. Through the Manchester University Gateways Programme pupils have the opportunity to visit and tour university campuses, take part in lectures and workshops and summer school activities.

Transition Support:

Our Careers' Advisor offers support over the summer holidays to make sure our year 11 leavers make a successful transition from school to Sixth Form College. This includes advice on GCSE results day and enrolment support where needed.

The National Careers Service is a fantastic resource that provides confidential and impartial advice to help you make decisions on learning, training and work opportunities. Click on the logo to go to their website.

If you would like to take a Careers Guidance Quiz to match your skills and interests to Careers, log onto: Fast Tomato

For more detailed information on Careers, please see the Careers Section on St Peter's Book.