Business Studies

Faculty of Computing & Business


Mrs S Pitcher – Head of Business

Mr J Brehony - Head of Faculty

Mrs K McGloin


Business is one of the most important forces in the modern world, with most people working in or for a business in some capacity. An investigative and questioning approach is at the core of teaching and learning in Business, and pupils are encouraged to form opinions and debate current business issues. 


Our aim is to provide an engaging and stimulating introduction to the world of business, which allows pupils to:

  • Develop an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Develop to skills to become independent thinkers and active participants in the world of work



GCSE Business provides pupils with all the necessary skills to access A Level courses in Business, Accounting and Economics. It also prepares pupils for entrepreneurial opportunities in the world of work, and to become effective employees or employers.


Curriculum Intent

Pupils receive 5 lessons per fortnight. Pupils follow the Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Business curriculum, however there are multiple opportunities throughout the course for pupils to investigate current business issues, and complete projects with a particular business focus.


KS4 Curriculum 2021-2022

Year 10 & 11

The course consists of two Themes, which aim to develop and build upon pupils’ business knowledge, and practical skills. In Year 10 pupils focus on Theme 1 and aspects of Theme 2 – how to set up and run a small business. This involves exploring enterprise skills, marketing and finance. In Year 11, pupils focus on Theme 2 – how to develop and expand a business. This involves exploring business ownership, and making financial, operational and human resources decisions

Curriculum Maps

Year 10 - Curriculum Map 2021-22

Year 11 - Curriculum Map 2021-22



Assessment takes place at the end of the course: Each Theme is externally assessed by a written examination.


Length of Exam

% qualification

Investigating small business

90 Minutes


Building a business

90 Minutes