Qualification:    GCSE (9-1) Religious Studies

Exam Board:      Eduqas

Exam Website:


Exam Dates:

Exam 1

Foundational Catholic Theology

Monday 14th May 2018 (1½ hrs)

Theme 1 – Origins and Meaning

Focus on: Genesis; scientific explanations; ‘Imago Dei’ and human life; stewardship; Catholic Social Teaching.

Theme 2 – Good and Evil

Focus on: The Inconsistent Triad; views on God, good and evil; the Trinity; Incarnation; human virtues; pilgrimage; the Rosary; religious statues.


Exam 2

Applied Catholic Theology

Wednesday 16th May 2018 (1½ hrs)

Theme 1 – Life and Death

Focus on: Death; resurrection; euthanasia; the Magisterium; Vatican II; Catholic symbols linked to death; music and worship; Catholic prayer; the Lord’s Prayer.

Theme 2 – Good and Evil

Focus on: Crime, sin and morality; punishing criminals; forgiveness; capital punishment; salvation; hell; Mary and the Church; Sacred places and objects; the Eucharist; evangelising.


Exam 3

Study of a World Faith: Judaism

Wednesday 23rd May 2018 (1hr)

Focus on: Messiah; Covenants; Sanctity of Life; Life on Earth; Afterlife; the Synagogue; Rituals; Marriage; Mourning; Dietary Laws; Festivals


Books and Study Guides:

The RE faculty provide students with revision booklets. If your child should need a replacement, please contact their RE teacher.

If anyone should wish to purchase the approved textbook, with all 3 components of our course, it is available using this link


Revision websites:

Origins and Meaning digital resources:

Good and Evil digital resources:

Life and Death digital resources:

Sin and Forgiveness digital resources:

A guide to religious funerals:

Pro-Life / Pro-Choice debate materials:

Judaism course with links to resources:

Resources about non-religious / humanist views:

Text references for all 3 components:


Revision Sessions:

RE After-School Revision:  Every Wednesday 3:15-4:00pm in the RE rooms

It is very important that pupils do come to Wednesday evening revision sessions. We would urge you to encourage your child to attend. This year is the first time we have had three RE exam papers. There is a lot to prepare for. The students will definitely see the benefit of teacher-led revision as they approach the summer exams.