Qualification:    GCSE (1-9) Music

Exam Board:      Edexcel

Exam Website:


Course components:

Component 1 - Performing (30%) (min. 4 minutes in total)

- Solo performance (min. 1 minute each)

- Ensemble performance (min. 1 minute each)


Component 2 - Composition (30%) (min. 3 minutes in total)

- 1 set to brief (min. 1 minute)

- 1 free composition (min. 1 minute)


Final deadline for components 1 & 2 - Mon 15th May 2018

(This is my deadline for getting your work to the exam board, compositions to be completed and performances to be recorded well in advance of this date.)


Component 3 - Listening and Appraising exam (40%)

Exam 1 hour 45 minutes - Tues 6th June 2018

4 areas of study with two set works in each:

- Instrumental music 1700-1820

- Vocal Music

- Music for Stage and Screen

- Fusions



Edexcel Student guides are available from Amazon -


Revision websites:

Revision materials and set work recordings available on Google Classroom -


Set work recordings -


Revision Sessions:

Listening Exam Revision: Every Monday lunchtime in A9.

This session is designed to support the work we do in class and further review each of the set works in detail.

Coursework Catch Up: Every Friday lunchtime in A9.

Concentrating mainly on composition coursework, but will become time for performance practice later in the year.

Exam sessions are open for anyone to attend, coursework catch up will be decided in advance so that I can work with students individually. Students are also expected to practice their performance material between lessons.