Qualification:    GCSE (1-9) Geography

Exam Board:      AQA

Exam Website:


Exam Dates:

Geography Paper 1:        Tuesday 22nd May 2018 (pm)

Section A – The Challenge of Natural Hazards

(tectonics, weather hazards, climate change)

Section B – Living World.

(ecosystems, deserts, rainforests)

Section C – Physical Landscapes in the UK.

(coasts, rivers)


Geography Paper 2:        Thursday 5th June 2018 (pm)

Section A – Urban Issues and Challenges.

(urbanisation, Mumbai, Manchester)

Section B – The Changing Economic World.

(development, Nigeria, UK)

Section C – The Challenge of Resource Management.

(food, energy, water)


Geography Paper 3:        Monday 11th June 2018 (pm)

Section A – Issue Evaluation

Section B – Fieldwork



CGP GCSE Geography guides are available to purchase from Mr Ware in C14 or directly from Amazon:


Revision websites:

BBC Bitesize Geography – this website contains everything you need to know for GCSE Geography, plus multiple choice tests to assess your knowledge.

Cool Geography

This website contains information, videos, maps and pictures to help you to understand the content for GCSE Geography.


Revision Sessions:

Every Friday between 3:10-4:00pm in C14, C15 and C5.

This is an opportunity to go through the different topics in small revision groups, and practice Geography exam techniques.

Invite Only Revision: After the November PPE’s, your Geography teacher will also let you know when they want you to attend specific invite only revision sessions before school or at lunch.