English Language

Qualification:    GCSE (1-9) English Language

Exam Board:      AQA

Exam Website:  http://www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/english/gcse/english-language-8700


Exam Dates:

English Language Paper 1:    Tuesday 5th June 2018 (am)

Section A – Reading
One extract from a novel/short story.
Q1 – List four things you learn (4 marks)
Q2 – How does the writer use language? (8 marks)
Q3 – How does the writer use structure? (8 marks)
Q4 – To what extent do you agree with the statement? (20 marks)

Section B – Creative Writing
Write a story/description
Choice of two tasks – one based on an image (40 marks)


English Language Paper 2:     Friday 8th June 2018 (am)

Section A – Reading
Two non-fiction extracts – one from 19th century.
Q1 – Identify the four true statements (4 marks)
Q2 – Summarise the differences/ similarities (8 marks)
Q3 – How does the writer use language? (12 marks)
Q4 – Compare the writers’ attitudes (16 marks)

Section B – Writing to express an opinion
Write a letter/speech/article/leaflet to give your opinion on a given topic (40 marks)



The English Department has provided CGP English Language Revision Guides for all pupils.

Revision websites:

BBC Bitesize English Language

Mr Bruff English Language Revision Videos

St Peter’s Book

There are practice papers and revision materials available in the GCSE English area on St Peter’s Book

Other ways to revise for English Language:

- Complete practice questions/papers in timed conditions, without any other distractions
- Read any short stories/novels and explain how language and structure have been used for effect
- Read non-fiction (newspapers, articles online, diaries) regularly and explain how you think the writer feels
- Plan ideas for stories/discursive writing and try to write them up in 45 minutes
- Create a list of interesting vocab and language techniques and learn these


Targeted Revision Sessions:

Your English teacher will let you know if they want you to attend specific after-school revision sessions.

Homework booklets:

You will be given a booklet with practice exam papers to complete at home. These booklets also include possible structures for answering each of the language questions.