Qualification: BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Engineering

Exam Board: Pearson Edexcel

Exam Website:


Exam Dates:

A 60 minute on-screen exam, date to be arranged in February and May 


Topic A.1: Engineering sectors and products

Topic A.2: Mechanical and electrical/electronic engineering processes

Topic A.3: Scales of production

Topic A.4: Modern production methods

Topic B.1: Modern and smart materials in engineering

Topic B.2: Modern material foams in engineering

Topic B.3: Modern material processes in engineering

Topic B.4: New technologies in engineering

Topic C.1: Sustainable engineered products

Topic C.2: Minimising waste production in engineering

Topic C.3: Lean manufacturing

Topic C.4: Renewable sources of energy in engineering



Engineering revision booklets will be given out by Mrs. Finnegan

Other revision guides are available to purchase from Amazon:


Revision websites:


Revision Sessions:

Subject Specific Revision: Every Thursday 3.15-4 in A1

Teacher Revision: Your Engineering teacher will also let you know if and when they want you to attend specific revision sessions at lunch times to be arranged.