Computer Science

Qualification:    GCSE (1-9) Computer Science

Exam Board:      OCR

Exam Website:


Exam Dates:

Computer Systems (01):  Monday 14th May 2018 (am)

80 Marks – 1hr 30 mins written paper – 40% of total GCSE

• Systems Architecture

• Memory

• Storage

• Wired and wireless networks

• Network topologies, protocols and layers

• System security

• System software

• Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns

Computational thinking, algorithms and programming (02): Thursday 17th May 2018 (pm)

80 Marks – 1hr 30mins written paper – 40% of total GCSE

  • Algorithms  

• Programming techniques

• Producing robust programs

• Computational logic

• Translators and facilities of languages

• Data representation


Programming Project: Class based assessment

40 Marks – 20hrs – 20% of total GCSE.

• Programming techniques

• Analysis

• Design

• Development

• Testing and evaluation and conclusions



Revision guides are available to purchase from Mrs McGloin in B10:


Pupils can purchase the course textbook from Amazon:  (click ctrl+image to link to the page)


Revision websites:

BBC Bitesize Science

Coding Practice Websites:


There is an expectation that the students will take responsibility for their own learning. This will include attending revision sessions and completing all homework on time.

Revision Sessions:

Subject Specific Revision Every Tuesday 3:15-4:00pm in B10

There is a timetable available on Google Classroom that details the topics that will be revised each week so that pupils can plan for the sessions they particularly need to attend.

Programming Skills Support Sessions – Lunch times as arranged with the teacher