Business Studies

Qualification:    GCSE Business Studies

Exam Board:      Edexcel

Exam Website:


Exam Dates:

Unit 1: Introduction to Small Business          

Wed 23rd May


Topic 1.1 – Spotting a business opportunity

Topic 1.2 – Showing enterprise

Topic 1.3 – Putting a business idea into practice

Topic 1.4 – Making the start- up effective

Topic 1.5 – The economic context


Unit 2: Investigating Small Business

Controlled Assessment



Unit 3: Building a Business               

Wed 6th June


Topic 3.1 – Marketing

Topic 3.2 – Meeting customer needs

Topic 3.3 - Effective financial management

Topic 3.4 – Effective people management

Topic 3.5 – The wider world affecting business



Edexcel revision guides are available on Amazon. Copies are available to use in B11. 

BBC Bitesize Business:




All lesson resources are available on StPetersBook. Homework tasks are in Pupil Hand Out/ Ms McCann/ Year 11 GCSE Business/ Homework


Revision Sessions:

Every Thursday from 3:15 – 4:00pm in B11

These provide an opportunity to complete any outstanding classwork and to revise particular areas identified by students