Art & Design

Qualification:    GCSE Art, Craft & Design

GCSE Textile Design

Exam Board:      AQA

Exam Website:


Key Information:

In Component 1 (Portfolio/Coursework) students develop responses to initial starting points, project briefs or specified tasks and realise intentions informed by research, the development and refinement of ideas and meaningful engagement with selected sources. Responses will include evidence of drawing for different purposes and needs and written annotation.


How it's assessed

  • No time limit
  • 96 marks
  • 60% of GCSE


In Component 2 (Externally set assignment/Exam) students respond to a starting point provided by AQA. This response provides evidence of the student’s ability to work independently within specified time constraints, realise intentions that are personal and meaningful and explicitly address the requirements of all four assessment objectives.


How it's assessed

  • Preparatory period (approx. – 8 weeks) followed by 10 hours of supervised time
  • 96 marks
  • 40% of GCSE


Exam Dates:

Exam papers will be handed to pupils week beginning  8/1/18





GCSE Art, Craft & Design and GCSE Textiles Design Component 2 guide/exam resource to be uploaded to school system and VLE in January 2018. Exam papers and materials cannot be released until Jan 2018.


Pupils must complete their own research online and complete their own primary research for their chosen Component 2 starting point e.g. own photographs, gallery visits etc.


Useful websites:



Revision Sessions:

Subject Revision/Catch up sessions: Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday till 4pm in A5, A7 or A8 and supervised by a member of the Art & Design team.

**Your Art/Textiles teacher may advise you to attend specific after school sessions. This will be tailored to your specific area of study or technique or process based – it is important that you attend these sessions if you are to achieve to your potential.**