The Library


 F McGarvey


The library is an important part of the whole school where pupils and staff can access fiction and non-fiction books. Information can also be accessed on the 40 computers that are all linked to the internet and frequently used by teaching staff to deliver lessons in all subjects across the curriculum.

The library is open before registration, during morning and lunchtime break and after school. Pupils are encouraged to make use of the facilities for both school work and leisure and there is always a friendly atmosphere for meeting friends and making new ones. The thriving chess club and availability of other board games encourages students to connect with each other which, in turn helps to build bridges across the year groups. For the younger and new students the library can be an important environment that gives them the necessary reassurance that they are welcomed and more importantly, included. The library is first and foremost a hub of support for every subject but it is also a place of refuge, "Far from the Madding Crowd" and always a centre of enjoyment for those who use it.


  • Support all subjects across the curriculum
  • Promote literacy throughout the school and encourage a love of the written word
  • Provide facilities to support students and staff in many aspects of school work
  • Provide a welcoming, calm environment for all students and staff
  • Promotion of effective teamwork in the interests of all


KS3 & KS4 Curriculum 2019-2020


The library is a hive of activity with regular competitions for story writing, poster designs, poetry, spelling, general knowledge quizzes. Pupils can sit quietly and read one of the many books available on loan or they can join a game of chess, draughts, scrabble and many others. Each year we have a Top 20 reading champions list and championships in all the above games too. Our rogue's gallery of photographs is updated on a regular basis and is always a source of amusement. We also raise much needed funds for charity each year.