Our Chinese Link School 66


St Peter’s in Partnership with School 66, Beijing

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Since 2011. St Peter's has enjoyed a partnership with School 66 in Beijing. Our link work began with a partnership agreement signed by both Head Teachers and has progressed from annual staff visits to staff and pupils visiting both schools. School 66 is a very successful 11-18 school in China’s capital city, which has high academic achievement and has provided table tennis champions for Beijing and all of China.

Visits usually take place during the Eatser holidays, when our staff and pupils teach English, observe lessons and meet senior staff and pupils at school 66. When we visit School 66 we see well disciplined, polite, hardworking pupils speaking good English and achieving very high standards. We learn from our partners and they learn from us. It is to be hoped that this link will continue to grow and strengthen as more of our staff and pupils visit Beijing in the future.




April 2015 – Beijing here we come

  On Tuesday April 7th a group of three teachers and three Year 8 students set off from Manchester Airport on the next visit to China and our partner school, School 66.

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Friendships Strengthen with School 66

  Three teachers and eighteen students spent their time with us in school, attending a variety of lessons, including Art, Science, ICT, Maths, PE, English, Textiles and Food Technology.

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