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On 28 February 2017 a one day inspection was carried out by Ofsted.

Below are extracts from a letter to the Headteacher outlining the inspection findings:

Ofsted inspection report - February 2017

The school continues to be good - OFSTED

You have a committed, enthusiastic and talented team in place to continue to take the school forward - OFSTED

You, your leadership team and the governors have worked hard to create a school where pupils achieve as best they can and leave the school with strong outcomes, regardless of their ability or their background - OFSTED

Staff are overwhemlmingly positive in support of the school and your leadership - OFSTED

Teaching is good overall and promotes pupils’ good progress - OFSTED

In 2016, the school’s Progress 8 score, the new government measure by which secondary school achievement is judged, was significantly above national averages - OFSTED

. . . teachers have high expectations of what pupils should achieve. Pupils respond well to this challenge, often showing high-level thinking themselves - OFSTED

Staff quickly identify where pupils are underachieving and take concerted action to address this - OFSTED

Pupils appreciate the culture of high aspiration that pervades the school and thrive in the orderly and purposeful learning environment - OFSTED

Pupils behaviour is good, both in lessons and around the school - OFSTED

Your pupils are well mannered . . . They wear their uniform smartly and take pride in their work - OFSTED

Pupils attendance is above national averages. This reflects how well the school cares for its pupils and how much they value what it does for them - OFSTED

The school is a harmonious community where pupils from many widely differing backgrounds get on well together - OFSTED

Safeguarding is effective . . .the school has a strong culture of safeguarding and vigilance - OFSTED

Pupils know how to keep themselves safe on the internet and when using social media - OFSTED

Governors know the school and its strengths and weaknesses well . . . Governors are experienced and committed and bring a wide range of skills to the governing body - OFSTED


Ofsted inspection report - July 2013

St Peter's is a good school - OFSTED

The vast majority of students make good progress and achieve well. They are well prepared for future success - OFSTED

Teaching is usually good with some that is outstanding - OFSTED

Students generally behave well in lessons and around school. They develop more mature and positive attitudes to learning as they move up through the school - OFSTED

Students feel very safe in school and are proud to be members of its community - OFSTED

Students' relationships with each other and with the adults working with them are strong and respectful - OFSTED

Leaders and managers, including the governing body, are highly committed to the success of the school and especially to students' personal development, well-being and welfare - OFSTED

Students' spiritual, social, moral and cultural development is outstanding. It is underpinned by the school's strong respect for each student as an individual.


Ofsted inspection report - November 2009

St Peter's is an outstanding school, where students from a wide range of backgrounds achieve well - OFSTED

This good achievement is the result of the good teaching and excellent care, guidance and support that the students receive- OFSTED

The innovative curriculum meets the needs of the students extremely well and also makes a strong contribution to their positive achievement - OFSTED

Students enjoy their lessons - OFSTED

Students, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities, make good progress in their lessons and achieve well - OFSTED

The school is at the forefront of innovative curriculum practice - OFSTED

Parents' belief that the school provides a safe environment supports the inspection team's view that the school gives strong support to the welfare of its students - OFSTED

Teaching is lively and support is timely, well placed and helpful in accelerating learning - OFSTED

This very inclusive school makes a good contribution to promoting community cohesion - OFSTED

The school engages well with parents and carers through its website and through newsletters, and parents feel that their views are listened to - OFSTED

The excellent curriculum is well designed and caters very well for the range of needs, interests and abilities of students in the school. It is a key factor in students' raised attainment, above average attendance and below average exclusions - OFSTED

Students for whom English is an additional language, including those at an early stage of learning the language , are very well supported and, as a result, they make good, and in some cases outstanding progress - OFSTED

Students are very confident in the school's processes for ensuring their safety. They know who they can turn to if they have a problem and believe that school staff respond very well when any incident of bullying occurs - OFSTED

Students respond well to the school's many activities that promote business and enterprise skills, they make good progress in their literacy, numeracy and ICT skills, and also attend well - OFSTED

Ofsted "promoting equality" inspection report - January 2009

The quality of provision to promote equalities is outstanding - OFSTED

The school provides excellent pastoral care and guidance - OFSTED

The curriculum is highly relevant to students' needs and interests and promotes equality of opportunity outstandingly well - OFSTED

The school makes outstanding progress with pupils who have a learning difficulty and/or disability, including those with statements of educational need - OFSTED

Outstanding national and international achievements in basketball, football and drama productions - OFSTED

Ofsted inspection report - October 2006

St Peter's is a good school with some outstanding features, in which its pupils feel happy, valued and very well cared for - OFSTED

The leadership of the headteacher is inspirational and he is supported by an outstanding senior team - OFSTED

The quality of teaching and learning is good and a significant proportion is outstanding. GCSE results have risen markedly over the past three years because of this - OFSTED

In St Peter's RC High School, pupils thrive within a caring, safe yet vibrant environment and parents are very positive about what the school does for their sons and daughters - OFSTED