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2021 - RE Inspection Report 2021

2015 - RE Inspection Report 2015

2015 - RE Inspection Letter to Pupils 2015

2015 - RE Inspection Parent Summary 2015

2010 - RE Inspection Report 2010

2006 - RE Inspection Report 2006

RE inspection report - December 2021

St Peter’s RC High School is an outstanding school, offering pupils a rich faith experience which permeates all aspects of school life.

The Catholic life, inclusivity and diversity practice at St Peters is inspirational

At St Peter’s RC High School, the mission statement and values are lived and witnessed to throughout the school community

The exceptional leadership of the headteacher, the defined skills of leaders and the dedication of governors have created a shared vision and mission for the school leading to outstanding outcomes

The quality of Religious Education and Collective Worship is outstanding

Pupil leadership is outstanding.

The inclusive provision for the pastoral care and support for pupils and families is exceptional.

Collective worship is central to the life of the school and is of exceptional quality

RE inspection report - March 2015

The vision and commitment of the Governors, Headteacher and his leadership team in creating the climate for every pupil to excel is outstanding - Salford diocese

The outstanding leadership of the RE department is significantly impacting on teaching and learning - Salford diocese

The inclusivity for those in greatest need and personalised care for each individual was found to be inspirational - Salford diocese

The resourcing and development of prayer and worship, providing meaningful experiences and opportunities for spiritual development is outstanding - Salford diocese

The leadership team's passion for learning, personal development and the well-being of all members of the school community ensures that all pupils receive an integrated Gospel based formation and education- Salford diocese

Witnessing to belief in God was clearly normal and natural in St Peter's - Salford diocese

Behaviour for learning and relationships in all lessons was found to be respectful and sensitive towards the needs of the individual and generally outstanding - Salford diocese

The welfare of all within the school is outstanding in its quality, care, and diversity - Salford diocese

St. Peter's is a good school with many outstanding features - Salford diocese

We were most impressed by how you care for each other as a community who seek to follow Christ in all that you do - Salford diocese

RE inspection report - January 2010

St. Peter's is an outstanding Catholic school - Salford diocese

The headteacher provides inspired and dynamic leadership. Supported by an experienced senior leadership team which shares his conviction on the value of Catholic education, he leads a community where Christian principles and the importance of each individual are paramount - Salford diocese

Every child matters here and the Catholic ethos of the school supports and develops this mantra - Salford diocese

Pastoral care is outstanding, universally recognised by parents and pupils alike - Salford diocese

This is an inclusive and diverse community where each and all are valued and where the school is proactive in meeting the needs of its members - Salford diocese

Pupils behave well while excellent relationships reflect the impact the Mission Statement has on daily life - Salford diocese

Transition arrangements are excellent - Salford diocese

Learners work well and the mutual respect shown by and for teachers leads to very good working relationships in the classroom - Salford diocese

Lessons are well planned and are delivered at a pace suited to the ability of the students - Salford diocese

The leadership and management of the Catholic life of the school are judged to be outstanding by the school and the inspector - Salford diocese

The Religious Education curriculum is outstanding - Salford diocese

Leadership and management of curriculum Religious Education is outstanding - Salford diocese

Learners are attentive and pray with respect- Salford diocese

Diocesan RE and worship inspection report - November 2006

St Peter's is a good Catholic school with some outstanding features - Salford diocese

Leadership of the school is outstanding with valued input from the governing body whose members, enthusiastically led by the chair, play an active part in promoting high standards academically, spiritually and pastorally - Salford diocese

Pupil care is outstanding and transition arrangements are comprehensive - Salford diocese

Learners like their school. They are proud of its multi-cultural nature and its achievements. They feel secure, value the work of the teachers and feel that they have ownership of the school through the school council which plays a prominent part in expressing their views - Salford diocese

Learners work well and enjoy their work. They behave well in class and the school ethos of respect can be seen in the classroom and in other areas of school life - Salford diocese