Good attendance is a high priority at St Peter's and we are justifiably proud of our year-on-year improvement over the last six years. Overall school attendance for 2016/17 was 96%, which places St Peter's amongst the top of Manchester's high schools.  The high profile approach to attendance is maintained throughout the school year by means of school assemblies, poster competitions, visual displays and messages on our notice boards.


The school's strategies to encourage pupils to come to school regularly have led to a remarkable improvement in attendance, which demonstrates just how much pupils enjoy St Peter's - OFSTED

Attendance has reached record levels - Salford diocese


At St Peter's, all pupils can track their current attendance via St Peter's Book.  Those who achieve an average of at least 90% at the end of the autumn and spring terms are rewarded with a trip to the cinema and in the summer term with a trip to a theme park.


Individual Pupil Attendance

With effect from September 2015 the Department for Education will classify any student who achieves less than 90% attendance as a 'persistent absentee'. It is therefore essential that all students keep their personal attendance above 90% throughout the school year. The whole school attendance target for the 2017/2018 school year is 96%+, which is the minimum each individual student should aim to achieve. 

Particular emphasis is placed on reducing unauthorised absence incurred through holidays/leave of absence during term time or general unexplained absence.


Unauthorised absence is when pupils are absent from school without the authority of the head teacher. Below is a list of some of the reasons where absence from the school is not authorised:

  • Birthday treat
  • Day trip
  • Leave in term time for a holiday that has not been authorised
  • Shopping or visit to the hairdresser 
  • Over-sleeping
  • Taking a long week-end
  • Taking the rest of the day off, before or after a dental or medial appointment
  • Family celebration 


Unauthorised Absence Statement 2015


 Mr G May - Attendance and behaviour manager A dedicated team of school staff work closely with pupils, parents and carers to deal with any non-attendance or related matters. Mr G May, our attendance and behaviour manager is shown here.




Download our attendance policy here